Revisiting a Legacy from 2005: Near a Decade of Exceptional Service from Dennis Cunanan

07 Jan

A previous article from The Philippine Leader (the official publication of Junior Chamber International Philippines, or JCI) revisits the achievements and new aspirations for Dennis Cunanan (or Decu), who in 2005 conducted the proceedings for the organization’s National Board of Directors as its National President.

Junior Chamber International Philippines is the national chapter of JCI, a non-Dennis Cunananprofit organization driven by Young Active Citizens Creating Positive Change. As of this time, JCI has expanded to more than 100 countries all over the world, in 5000 communities, and holding a 200,000-strong base of members aged 18-40—furthering a goal of global impact of positive change for these communities.

Dennis Cunanan notably won with a platform of transparency for the seat of National President and lost no time in revitalizing a campaign entitled ‘Entrepreneurs in Action,’ with its mission for its programs being to foreground the three major areas of training, entrepreneurship, and re-integration of the family into the organization. With this in mind, Decu supervised the re-training and reappointment of a National Training Director to streamline the functions of the National Training Commission (NTC).

Achievements under Decu’s mission and vision for the JCI chapter at this time were the following:

  1. The execution of the “Trainovators Reinforcement, Intervention and Innovation Programs (TRIPS),” in the areas of Lingayen, Manila, Legazpi, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro, in order to renew the interest of inactive trainers from JCI;
  2. The execution of JCI ACHIEVE Seminar by the NTC in August of 2005;
  3. A revision and approval of an updated NTC Policy Manual; and
  4. the facilitation of many business seminars spanning a nationwide audience of interested members.

In addition, the organization paid US$41500 in dues worth to JCI.

JCI Philippines afforded special time to the rebuilt and renovated National Headquarters. A mini-museum for the year hosted such attractions as the “Gallery of National Secretaries-General” in May of 2005, as well as a “Wall of Honor” in lieu of a fund-raising campaign and fruitful partnerships with corporate sponsors Caltex, PLDT, Mirant, and PCSO.

2005 was an outstanding year for Dennis Cunanan and the team of JCI Philippines, which is ever-growing and ready for positive impact on communities at the national and global level. After more than a decade of service to the organization at large, Dennis will continue fulfilling his responsibilities in 2014 and beyond, living a promise to be a mission-oriented leader.

 In 2005, Dennis led the National Board of Directors as National President. His team consisted of representatives from all over the Philippines:

  • National Senior Executive Vice President Hanorio P. Chu;
  • Secretary General Glenn B. Santos;
  • National Treasurer Filbert C. Woo;
  • The National Executive Vice Presidents:
    Jose Amado L. Mamuric for Manila;
    Marius Myrone S. Zabat Jr. for Southern Luzon;
    Wilson C. Gamboa Jr. for the Visayas;
    Marlo C. Bancoro for Mindanao;
  • The National Vice Presidents:
    Jozak C. Bautista for Northern Luzon;
    Albert Raphael Angelo A. Lesaca for Cagayan Valley;
    Michael J. David for Central Luzon;
    Paul Marvin G. Gutierrez for Metro North;
    Anthony Isaias D. Arriola III for Metro East;
    Jose Chito E. Buenaventura for for Metro South;
    Romulo A. Bacarro for Southern Tagalog East;
    Roy E. Castronuevo for Southern Tagalog West;
    Mellany C. Loria for Bicol;
    Eileen B. Nazareno Ballesteros for Eastern Visayas;
    Ernest S. Evangelista for Central Visayas;
    Jesus C. Dimafiles for Western Visayas;
    Aileen A. Parojinog for Northern Mindanao;
    Frine G. Fuentes for Southern Mindanao;
    Enrique U. Libron II for Central Mindanao;
    Leizel C. Cuaresma for Western Mindanao;
  • General Legal Counsel Carlo Pontico C. Fortuna; and
  • Executive Director Ismael P. Penado.

Additional Source:

Junior Chamber International Philippines Website.

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